Did You Know Britney Spears’ Exes Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline Are Totally Friends?

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Dating Britney Spears is something Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline have in common. Another thing they share? Friendship.

Federline gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly in which he revealed that he and Timberlake are, and have always been, seemingly good friends. “We’re cool. Me and J are,” Federline tells Us. “I actually just went to his last show in Vegas and hung out with him, got to see a lot of old friends.”

Did you know that? We didn’t know that.

You see, Federline used to be a backup dancer for Timberlake, and the two have apparently maintained a friendly relationship since then. Federline insists nothing happened between him and Spears until after she and Timberlake split, but that didn’t make things any less awkward. “In the beginning when [Britney and I] first got together, it was awkward and I felt bad — I felt like maybe I should have called [Justin] and talked to him, but I didn’t have his number,” Federline says.

According to Federline, the pair were able to overcome that awkward spell and are now good enough friends that they occasionally partake in one of Timberlake’s favorite pastimes: golf. “My best friend is his choreographer so we have mutual friends, and I mean, we’ve gone out golfing, we’ve hung out. You get older, you grow up, and you realize that was just a time in your life. Sh-t happens,” Federline says.

Two white men golfing together? Why, we never!

You are certainly wondering if the two men discuss the most obvious thing they have in common, Princess of Pop Britney Spears. The answer? “No, no. Yeah, it is what it is to us.” OK, but really? You never talk about her? Not even after “Pretty Girls” came out? Not even after the time her weave fell out on stage?

Timberlake and Spears began dating in 1999 and continued their courtship through 2002, when things abruptly imploded. (Popular rumor states that Spears cheated on Timberlake with choreographer Wade Robson, thus inspiring Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River.”) Though their relationship ended, the world (including Katy Perry) will never forget the time the pair showed up the 2001 American Music Awards wearing matching all-denim outfits. Though denim is a strong material, it was not strong enough to keep their relationship from crumbling. Spears eventually married Federline and gave birth to two sons, Sean and Jayden James. Timberlake recently married actress Jessica Biel, and the two just welcomed their first son, Silas.

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