Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime Movie Finds a Premiere Date

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Plot twist!

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig‘s campy Lifetime movie is a go after all. Despite Ferrell previously announcing his plans “to forego the project entirely” after details of the top secret flick were leaked online, a billboard advertising the film has been erected in Hollywood promoting its premiere.

Titled A Deadly Adoption, the two comics star as a successful couple who take in a pregnant woman (played by Jessica Lowndes) in hopes of adopting her baby. As insinuated by the title, something goes awry.

Though the movie poster says the “high stakes dramatic-thriller” will air Sunday, June 20, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the two-hour film will actually premiere on Saturday.

A Deadly Adoption was filmed in secrecy to celebrate Lifetime’s 25th anniversary of its movie franchise.

However, the word’s still out of Lifetime actually has Ferrell and Wiig’s blessing to release the film or if A Deadly Adoption is getting air time because the network has rights to the movie.