RiCaprio Report: Leonardo DiCaprio Sues French Magazine for Rihanna Baby Rumors

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Leo's New GF?
She's a model, of course.

Be careful what you say and write about Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 40-year-old bachelor is taking a stand after a French magazine published a false report about the actor and Rihanna. Oh, and there’s a (fake) baby involved.

According to Gossip Cop, DiCaprio is suing Oops! for its May 13 cover story on Rihanna being pregnant with his child. The magazine also claims that DiCaprio “doesn’t want the baby” (“Il ne veut pas reconnaitre le bebe…”). Under French law (which we all know, is extremely strict when it comes to privacy), the Wolf of Wall Street star is seeking the maximum of $20,000 USD (18,000 Euros) in damages and legal fees.

The lawsuit, filed last Thursday (June 4), is requesting a retraction from the magazine. Court papers obtained by Gossip Cop also point out that if no retraction is printed, Team DiCaprio could request a fine of $11,100 USD (10,000 Euros).

What’s truly bizarre is that one of the owners of Oops actually confirmed to Gossip Cop that the publication knew the story was untrue. When asked about Rihanna’s rumored pregnancy, Frederic Truskolaski said, “We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course.”

The magazine has since published several stories online in response to DiCaprio’s lawsuit. (This one is particularly interesting).

DiCaprio’s lawyers and the magazine are scheduled for a June 16 court date in Paris.

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