WATCH: A Naked Chris Pratt Sings to Adam Brody on ‘The O.C.’ #TBT

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Once upon a time, Chris Pratt was on The O.C. In one episode, Pratt stripped down naked and sang a song to Adam Brody. Watch the video and relive this amazing TV moment.

Before Pratt was starring in major movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, he was making guest appearances on TV shows. Now, thanks to the Internet, we can watch those magical appearances over and over again.

We recently stumbled upon a video clip of Pratt on an episode of The O.C. in 2006. Pratt appeared on the show’s fourth season, he played “Che” who went to Brown University with Summer (Rachel Bilson).

In the clip above, Seth (Brody) walks in on a naked Che playing guitar. Che then sings Seth a song, and it’s all just hilarious.

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Be sure to watch Jurassic World in theaters on Friday, (June 12, 2015).

Hear more of Pratt’s singing talents in the video below: