Nicki Minaj Responds to Safaree Samuels’ Dirty Laundry-Airing ‘Love the Most’

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Still Together
Minaj and Mill are in true love after all.

While Safaree Samuels is busy asking why the people you love the most always want to hurt you, his ex, Nicki Minaj, wants you to know that she’s moved on.

Samuels and Minaj ended their 12-year relationship in 2014. The dissolution of their partnership is rumored to have been very messy, with one report claiming Minaj took a baseball bat to his car. Speaking to that reported turbulence is Samuels’ new song, “Love the Most,” which spends the entirety of its 4:58 runtime airing the dirty laundry of their relationship.

The purpose of “Love the Most” is, ostensibly, to provide a vehicle for Samuels to paint himself in a sympathetic light, but it mostly depicts him as a mopey, whiny loser. He repeatedly references Minaj directly in the lyric, “‘Cuz we both went to sleep in the same Bed of Lies.” He calls Minaj out for kissing Nas in the “Right By My Side” video, saying, “Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool / Inside i was feelin’ like a mu’fuckin’ fool.” Oh, and let us not forget: “12 years up in flames / thought you would have had my kid.” Ah, the old coulda-woulda-shoulda had kids defense: always a classy tactic. If you can stomach it, here is the song in full:

Here are a few other choice “poor me” lyric excerpts:

  • “When we first met you laughed at me / who’d have known for 12 years you would laugh with me?”
  • “What a shame it took a split for them to know I was your man / got so tired of hiding it, head high with no pride in it / guess I wasn’t cool enough ‘cuz in our pictures be hiding it.”
  • “Tell your mom and tell your bothers I still love ’em like my own / I don’t bother reaching out because it’s too close to home.”
  • “Can’t believe we not friends / SMH, what a mess.”

Minaj, apparently aware of the song, delivered a (mostly) wonderfully mature response on Twitter, which not only diminishes Samuels’ efforts but also, likely to Samuels’ chagrin, underlines how happy she is in her new relationship with rapper Meek Mill:

But of course, that is not all she said. Minaj also tweeted — then deleted — a, uh, stronger response aimed at Samuels. Included in those tweets were things like:

  • “Lesson: don’t cheat on a loyal woman. God will punish u. When he does, tell people the truth. The truth may set u free. Love. Always.”
  • “Took a person with me to fame & fortune. These dudes leave their girl in the hood. Tell ppl the truth or you will b doomed.”
  • “Enough with the pity party. Just live your life.”

In summation: While Samuels, a year after his split from Minaj, is still devoting grossly maudlin epic poems to his lost love, Minaj, after an understandable angry spell, is happier than ever with Mill, who she was maybe engaged to before she wasn’t, but don’t worry, they’re still together even though they maybe weren’t for a second.