Proof That the Internet Has No Chill About Rachel Dolezal Lying About Her Ethnicity

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Enter the memes.

Spokane NAACP leader and civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal made headlines this week when news broke that she may have been lying about being black. Her biological parents revealed to the press that their daughter is actually white — of Czech, Swedish, and German heritage with possible traces of Native American ancestry — and has been misrepresenting herself for years.

Dolezal, who also works as a part-time professor of the Africana Studies Program at Eastern Washington University, previously identified herself as white, black and American Indian on her application as chairwoman of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission. She also published numerous pieces about being black in America in the past.

Though the NAACP released a statement standing by Dolezal and her “advocacy record,” the online community had less than stellar things to say about the white woman posing as an African-American.

Here’s proof that the internet is definitely  chill-free zone when it comes to current events.

They also had plenty of great reaction GIFs for Dolezal’s now-infamous interview in which a reporter asked her point blank if she was African-American.