EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Health, Fitness and Diet Secrets

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Sofia Vergara has hands-down one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but one thing she’s made clear through her years in the industry: she HATES working out. So how in the world does she maintain her toned figure?

Baby Talk?
Sofia Vergara wants kids with Joe Manganiello.

The actress sat down with CELEBUZZ and dished on some of her health tips, fitness tricks and #SkinnyCowSecrets (we’ll get to that in a minute), and how she plans to stay in shape for her upcoming wedding to Joe Manganiello.

Though she hates working out, Vergara confesses she forces herself to do so at least three times a week, taking spin class, doing pilates and working with a trainer.

As far as dieting, the Modern Family star reveals, “I have never believed crazy diets, so I usually try to eat healthy, of course,” she explains. “I love vegetables and healthy food and juices, so I’m pretty good with that.”

However, her sweet tooth definitely causes some issues. “My problem always has been my obsession with sweets… One of my biggest secrets is that I’m always trying to figure out how to get away with trying to eat something sweet after a meal or before going to bed.”

Some of her favorite, go-to junk foods include: cakes, ice cream, chocolate, chocolate bars and peanut butter with chocolate.

So she says her biggest tip (or her “Skinny Cow Secret” as she describes it) for staying in shape despite her sweet tooth is, “Doing everything in moderation… That’s why I’m so obsessed with Skinny Cow,” she explains. “It allows me to know what I’m eating. The portion control is very easy with Skinny Cow and it doesn’t give me that guilty feeling.”

Finally, though Vergara has one of the sexiest bods in town, we had to ask: if she could trade with one woman in the industry, who would it be?

“That would be a lot of fun to exchange bodies with someone like a supermodel — like Gisele Bündchen,” Vergara answers with a smile. “[Someone] that’s very petite and can wear anything without worrying about things being compressed and put together.That must be so nice to just put a tank top on and leave!”

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