Leah Jenner’s Dad Don Felder Opens Up About the Family Dynamic With Caitlyn Jenner

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Leah Jenner‘s dad and Eagles guitarist Don Felder is opening up about the family dynamic with Caitlyn Jenner.

Leah and Brandon Jenner are expecting their first child!

As Felder and Caitlyn look forward to becoming grandparents to Leah and Brandon Jenner‘s baby girl, the music man says he’s excited for the new chapter — for getting to know his granddaughter and her getting to know Caitlyn.

“You know, I’ve known Bruce for decades,” Felder told Us Weekly. “I’ve loved him as a guy, as an athlete, to play golf with, he’s just a really great man. Or woman.”

Felder continued, “I don’t care what his appearance looks like — I know what’s inside. And however he wants to present himself, I’m more than happy to support him, as well as the whole family.”

The rocker shook off any idea that he’d be uncomfortable with the idea of Caitlyn as a grandparent. “I don’t have any problems with my grandchild growing up knowing him as Caitlyn — her as Caitlyn,” he corrected himself. “So for me it’s going to be difficult to stop saying him, and say her, but I’m certain I’ll be able to handle it.”

“We’re really excited about Leah having her baby, and Brandon,” he gushed of the husband-wife duo. “And they are so much in love and so happy, you can see it in their pictures and photos! I’m certain whatever happens as far as grandkids is all going to be wonderful, so I’m supportive of it all.”

Leah and Brandon announced that they are expecting their first child together in March and revealed that they will be having a baby girl last week.