‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Predictions: How Will the Shocking Season End?

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Two dueling bachelorettes, two “Brokeback” bachelors, and the return of reality show villain/charmer Nick Viall are just a few of the dramatic twists in Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s season of ABC‘s The Bachelorette. At the mid-way point, fans are left wondering: will Kaitlyn bring her signature humor and honesty to find love among the group of men competing?

Crazy Season
The teasers for the 'Bachelorette' promise a crazy season.

Before the season began, there was fallout from both past contestants and fans surrounding the choice to have the men choose Britt Nilsson or Kaitlyn. Former bachelor Sean Lowe spoke out about how he disliked the format, saying “the girls didn’t have an ounce of confidence.” On her blog, former bachelorette and E! News correspondent Ali Fedotowskycalled the men “the worst batch of guys in Bachelorette history” because she didn’t think all of of the guys were there for Kaitlyn.

In addition to the change in format, Kaitlyn has had to deal with a number of frustrating guys that may have shaken her confidence. Clint (one of the “Brokeback Bachelors”) said that he didn’t find her interesting and stayed to hang out with JJ. Kupah hinted that she kept him on for diversity, and Kaitlyn wondered if he was ever really interested in her since he voted for Britt. Prior to Ian‘s decision to leave, he accused Kaitlyn of being shallow and questioned if she was there to find love. Then his ego took over when he said that he should have been the bachelor and his ex-girlfriend is hotter than Kaitlyn. Ouch.

Just as it looked like the craziness would subside and Kaitlyn could think about who she saw a future with, she made the controversial decision to have Nick join the group when he reached out to her in New York City. Immediately, the guys were hurt and perturbed that Kaitlyn thought it was necessary to bring on another guy. To refresh your memory, Nick was turned down by Andi Dorfman, and on the After the Final Rose special he called her out for “making love” to him if she wasn’t in love with him. This choice may set a new precedent, similar to the revolving door of contestants on Bachelor in Paradise.

Aside from the drama, there are a handful of frontrunners whose relationships with Kaitlyn have advanced. Despite his last controversial stint on The Bachelorette, in his first episode Nick seemed focused on Kaitlyn and also managed to ease tension with the guys. The two have a chemistry and communicated prior to the show, so that makes him an easy choice for the top four. Not to mention, Nick has Bachelorette experience when it comes to standing out on group dates and how to (not) carry himself.

Both Ben Z. and Ben H. have had deep conversations with Kaitlyn and a slew of romantic moments. Ben Z. impressed Kaitlyn with his muscles and sensitivity when the two talked about family. Kaitlyn admitted that Ben H. was husband material after their first one-on-one date, and he also showed his ease with children on a group date. #TeamBen?

Rounding out the potential top four is first impression rose standout Shawn B. Kaitlyn expressed an immediate attraction to Shawn, and who wouldn’t with his good looks (mirroring that of Ryan Gosling) and his abs when they hit the pool and hot tub in typical Bachelor/Bachelorette style. In addition to their growing chemistry, Shawn opened up to Kaitlyn about a near-death experience and told her he was falling in love with her. Kaitlyn reassured him that she felt the same, which many bachelors and bachelorettes have been fearful to do.

It appears that Kaitlyn may accept Shawn’s proposal, pending any other dramatic turn of events, of course!

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