WATCH: Justin Bieber Sings to Selena Gomez on New Year’s Eve in 2009 #TBT

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Before Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were #Jelena, they were just friends. Watch this throwback Thursday video of Bieber singing “One Less Lonely Girl” to Gomez in 2009.

Bieber and Gomez started dating in late 2010. But, before they started their roller coaster of a relationship, a then 15-year-old Bieber actually sang to 17-year-old Gomez on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve a year earlier.

In the video above, you see Bieber (wearing a cast from when he broke his foot) performing “One Less Lonely Girl.” During the song, Gomez walks out on stage and sits on a stool. Bieber then serenades Gomez, singing his lyrics to her. Clearly he had a crush.

The best part of the video is when Gomez stands up and we see that she’s so much taller than Bieber! He’s so tiny and he’s rocking his old hairdo. Classic.

Check out the video to see the sparks between Bieber and Gomez! So many #Jelena feels.