Some People Are Very Angry Over Kim Kardashian’s NPR Interview

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Haters gonna hate!

Dear Future Kim...
Where does Kim Kardashian see herself in 10 years?

Kim Kardashian has caused quite the controversy after appearing in an interview on NPR’s popular comedy quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” last Saturday.

Though the interview was harmless — Kim talked about her selfie book and the “secret” sex of her second baby — NPR loyalists were really pissed off, threatening to pull their donations and writing several letters of criticism to the station.

Public Editor and official ombudsman of NPR Elizabeth Jensenpublished an article to the network’s website that discussed the overlow of negative reactions, highlighting some of the letters:

A listener from Burlington, Vermont wrote: “I recently gave a small gift to my local NPR station. Had I heard your Saturday show before I made my gift, I wouldn’t have donated. The Kardashians represent much of what is wrong with America today — and I listen to NPR to get AWAY from Kardashian-like garbage.”

Sharonn Flaucher from New Hampshire added: “Seriously thinking about dropping my membership. I thought NPR had a certain class/values and it looks like we might be heading in another direction that I’m not willing to go with you. Just thought I’d give you a heads up. Have a sparkling day!”

Of course Jensen had to rebut with the fact that “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me” is a comedy show and an “equal opportunity offender.” And while she didn’t outright make fun of the readers’ anger, she didn’t rush to defend them either.

“I’m still not sure what to make of this week’s outrage over Kardashian, who was indeed a surprising guest, given how often the show has pilloried her and her clan in the past. She wasn’t a great guest—she had a couple funny lines—but she was gracious. Or at least I think so,” Jensen says. “I was far from offended by her presence on an NPR show. It was only eleven minutes, after all, and now maybe I won’t be so lost at the next dinner party when the topic of Kardashian-mania comes up.”