‘Pretty Little Liars’ Sneak Peek: Preview Next Week’s ‘Don’t Look Now’ Episode

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Pretty Little Liars
CREDIT: YouTube/ABC Family

Next week’s Pretty Little Liars is going to be so intense! Want a sneak peek? Check out the videos below!

We’re only three weeks into the sixth season of PLL, ¬†and we already have a million new questions. Is Andrew Campbell really innocent? What’s up with this Sara Harvey girl? CHARLIE?!

We hope next week’s episode “Don’t Look Now” will give us some answers to our questions. While we have to wait until Tuesday to see the entire episode, here’s a couple of preview clips to hold us over until then.

Hanna and Caleb:

Emily, Sara Harvey and Mrs. Fields:

Aria and Byron Montgomery:

Here’s the official episode preview:

Miss the premiere episode? Get caught up with the video below: