Joe Manganiello Loves the Backstreet Boys, Admits Sofia Vergara Threatened to Leave Him Once

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Joe Manganiello Admits He Loves the Backstreet Boys

If you want to see Joe Manganiello bust a move, put any Backstreet Boys tune on.  

While promoting his new film, the actor admits he shares a smiliar interest to that of his character in Magic Mike XXL — they both love the Backstreet Boys.

So much so that while talking about his upcoming nuptials to fiancée Sofia Vergara, Manganiello admits he wants the 90’s boy band to be a part of their first dance.

I think Backstreet Boys is probably going to come in later. I would like to have Donald Glover show up and sing “I Want to marry You” like in the movie, and then maybe have a Chinese basket, or a sex swing if you will, wheeled out, and then rip my tux off and go into a Nine Inch Nails routine.

So who’s his favorite Backstreet boy? Nick Carter.

Manganiello also revealed that Vergara threatened to leave him if he went to the gym after getting injury on the Magic Mike XXL set.

On take one of my finale routine, which we rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed, my dance partner did something unrehearsed, and the result was me hearing a loud rip and a pop. It was my bicep.

Sofia was there that day. We got back to my trailer and, as soon as the door closed, she said, ‘If I see you at the gym tomorrow, we’re done! I’m going to leave you! That’s it!’

Sometimes stripping can be dangerous even for a buff guy like Joe Manganiello.