It’s Hot Times At Bellacourt Manor For Beatrice, Lillian and Fredrick Under The Waxing Gibbous Moon

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It’s that sexy time of the month when the moon is a waxing gibbous. And, YES –
things are getting pretty sexy at the Bellacourt Manor in almost every way, for almost everyone.

Our favorite socialite sisters – the hot Beatrice and Lillian
Bellacourt – prove to us yet again that they can’t be threatened, even when a
widowed vamp by the name of “Pussy” enters the picture.

Beatrice and Lillian get it onnn ceremonially with their husbands to procreate
male heirs, but they also take a leap of faith (and lust…) to follow their
uncommitted hearts. Needless to say, love is a battlefield, and we’re damn
proud of these strong ladies! However, horrendous of a societal taboo divorce
is in this day and age, the Bellacourt sisters may have dreamt up a genius plan
to divorce their husbands for greener pastures… You’ll have to tune in for all of
the juicy details.

Fredrick, Beatrice’s twin brother, has Pussy on his hands to deal with thanks to
their mother, Dodo Bellacourt, as she attempts to arrange yet another marriage for
him. Honestly, SO WHAT if he’s 12 years past his prime marriage age at 35
years old?! Live and let live, we say! Fredrick is on his way to being Clooney
hot, and we’re not about to protest that (…hello, silver fox *swoon*).

But, we are definitely skeptical of this Pussy woman, regardless of her Kate Moss-like
cheekbones and stunning Victoria Beckham-like black wardrobe – ok, maybe
we’re a little jealous…

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