The Week’s Most Ridiculous Rumor: Jennifer Lopez Not Involved in Ben Affleck’s Divorce

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The rumor mill has been turning ever since news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s divorce began spreading, but one person you can definitely leave out is Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck split after 10 years.

Media outlets went nuts (hopeful thinking of a Bennifer 2.0) over the idea that Affleck and J. Lo’s friendship contributed to his split from Garner. However, though the two have been cordial since they ended their engagement in 2004, the “Booty” singer is not at all involved in his current situation.

“Jennifer Lopez had nothing to do with it,” an insider tells Us Weekly. Another source added: “Beyond not true, and shitty.”

Affleck and Lopez famously got engaged in 2002, and after postponing their wedding in 2003, decided to call things off in Jan. 2004.

They’ve maintained a relationship, and though J. Lo says Affleck was her “first big heartbreak,” they both moved on. Lopez married Marc Anthony later that year, and Affleck married Garner in 2005.

Meanwhile, several other rumors have surrounded Affleck and Garner’s divorce. While some sources are saying the actress was fed up with his gambling and drinking, other insiders say they simply wanted to live different lives.