Instant Follow Friday: Emilia Clarke Is a Badass Babe on Every Level

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Emilia Clarke is, in essence, our modern day heroine on and off the screen.

Clarke’s babe-status is off the charts: she kicks ass on the big screen and as the mother of dragons (effing dragons, people), sings songs like “Rastafarian Targaryen” for children’s charities, said nah to channelling her inner goddess in Fifty Shades of Grey, and openly muses about who she’d do a threesome with on more than one occasion.

Even though she joined Instagram only a few months ago, we’re thankful she’s on social media.

Clarke notoriously plays Daenerys Targaryen, aka mother of dragons, aka Khaleesi, on Game of Thrones, and is now a blockbuster leading lady with her role as grown-up Sarah Conner in the time-traveling action flick and franchise Terminator Genisys, co-starring Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s dad (and the original Schwarzenegger at that), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the ever-sexy Jai Courtney.

But to be frank, the screen-time is all about Clarke, her charm and her power of presence. Sorry, hunks, but Clarke really shows y’all how to be a warrior.

In addition to being crazy hot whether or not she’s standing next to dragons or fighting for humanity, she’s shamelessly cool and quirky.

Exhibit A: Take her recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, in which she talks about renting a freaky haunted house in New Orleans from gorgeous friend Michiel Huisman, and shows off her Valley Girl accent. (Her fav movie is Clueless.)

Exhibit B:

In addition, she says things to USA Today (about Terminator) like, “Let’s see, there’s driving a bus off a bridge, rolling out in an armored car, firing eight different kinds of weapons. It’s just kicking some general butts, really.”

And, “It’s great to be such a young girl and have the opportunity to play such strong, powerful women.”

Shine bright like a diamond, Clarke.

If you aren’t already crushing on her (because you don’t watch GoT and perhaps don’t understand the whole sex appeal of being the mother of dragons), then, well, you should be.

This fearless goddess is here to stay: she begins filming season 6 of Game of Thrones in September, and will start filming two more installments for the Terminator franchise in 2016 (to be released in 2017 and 2018).

See her in Terminator Genisys, which came out in theaters on July 1st (watch the trailer for the flick here) and follow her on Instagram @emilia_clarke.

Check out the gallery above to see the best of her Instagram!