Yoga Loving Colin Farrell Is Totally Devoted to Giving ‘Sons the Best Possible Life’

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Things got very real during "True Confession" with Jimmy Fallon last night.

If there is one thing that Colin Farrell will cop to, is that he is a “devoted” father who always tries to put his two sons first.

The True Detective star, who has sons James, 11, and Henry, 5, from past relationships, has slowed down his career commitments because he hates being away from his children for long periods of time and always makes the boys his priority.

“The most painful aspect (of my work) is having to spend time away from my home and from my children. I’m no longer excited by the idea of working on films back-to-back and living the high life in the best hotels in the world.

“I’m a loving father who takes his responsibility very seriously and I am completely devoted to giving my sons the best life possible. You figure out at some point what’s real and worth living for. It’s your family and friends. Full stop,” Farrell said.

The 39-year-old actor used to be renowned for his wild ways but he insists he has “left the party” now because his focus is on his children.

He said: “I spent a large part of my career partying and having more fun than any man has a right to have. But I’ve left the party. I still have a lot of restless energy but it’s not an issue any more. These days, I have a beautiful life as a father and I put most of my energy into being the best dad possible.

“My children have given purpose to my life and I embrace it wholeheartedly.”

Farrell’s True Detective corrupt cop character, Ray Velcoro, definitely does not have the best parenting style, but he still seems to be a devoted father as well.

The very fit Farrell was spotted leaving a yoga studio in Hollywood yesterday (Jul. 06, 2015), launch the gallery to see more pics.