Kat Graham Talks Style, Girl Power and Ian Somerhalder’s Love for Nikki Reed

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Kat Graham is one multifaceted, empowering and downright real woman.

Bye, Nina!
Nina Dobrev's leaves "The Vampire Diaries."

CELEBUZZ met up with the 25-year-old Vampire Diaries star during her first shoot as the newest ambassador for wet n wild beauty – just one of her many career endeavors – and chatted a bit about everything she’s loving right now.

Graham is stoked to be working with the brand because they allow her to really be herself and channel all her different attitudes.”I think as women we don’t feel the same way everyday,” she tells us, referencing her many looks for the shoot. “We don’t want to do the same hairstyle every day.” She adds,

“I had someone from a magazine say, ‘You know what Kat, the reason you’re not that big is because you change your stuff so much and no one really knows who you are.’ And then out pops Rita Ora and out pops all these amazing artists that do change it up and do have variety.”

And, despite someone telling her different, Graham is doing just that – tapping into all her creative sides, from fashion to beauty, music to television.

She released her first single “1991” – a hit that reflects the sounds of TLC, much thanks to the involvement of Babyface – earlier this year, but she’s also continuing on her track with the role she’s most known for in The Vampire Diaries.

Though there will be a lot of changes with the absence ofNina Dobrev, Graham couldn’t say much about the new season but promises it will only get better. “It will definitely be different, but I think there’s a lot of room to focus on the ensemble cast and other really cool, crazy story lines,” she reveals.

The actress also couldn’t help but gush about her incredible, girl-promoting fans:

“They’re very passionate. I don’t know what that is,” she says. “I’m so grateful for it because most of them are women, and I’m realizing my biggest pet peeve is girls that aren’t for other girls and aren’t super supportive of other girls. The thing that makes me happiest right now is girl power. So when I see them and their response to me as another girl and there’s no kind of weird energy and there’s no jealousy that I’m with their faves [like Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley]. It’s so refreshing and it’s so nice and it makes me so happy. I don’t know what it is, but keep it coming because I love all the girl power.”

One of the things that makes Graham standout is her ability to not only support other women, but also standup for herself and what she believes in. She refused to sign with a major record label because they wouldn’t allow her to write and produce her own music. She admits to loving mac n cheese and peanut butter and jelly and can’t help but laugh that her hair looks like she was “struck by lightening” when it’s not all done up.

And these are all things she won’t let Hollywood strip from her.

“Hollywood is the most racist industry, and there’s a bit of sexism on top of it. I just think that you really have to focus on doing good work and focus on being a good humanitarian, and if you can, make it about other people. Don’t just make it about yourself. Try and create good art and be grateful and remember how fortunate you are to be in this position and use it for good. I think the world will eventually catch up to the more forward-thinking minds.”

Graham often finds herself doing that kind of humanitarian work side-by-side with her good pals Somerhalder and Nikki Reed. And no – their adorable, loving relationships is anything BUT annoying to Graham.

“It’s literally like that,” she reveals about their relationship behind closed doors. “The most inspirational thing about them is their humanitarian work. They’re both huge animal activists and I’m really excited about this new season because we’ll do more of that stuff together. But they’re all about raising the consciousness of the world and helping with the environment.”

So for the people who do make fun of their love, Graham has some advice: “People aren’t going to make fun of it if they have it themselves. So instead of focusing on Ian and Nikki maybe join Tinder or something.”

And THAT, my friends, is why we love Kat Graham.