Kesha’s New Allegations Against Dr. Luke: He Threatened to Kill My Dog

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The heated legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke continues.

According to new legal documents, Kesha’s ex-producer Dr. Luke threatened to kill her dog during a heated recording session. Because you know, that’s a healthy way to respond during a disagreement, or after one hits a bad note…

Also included in Kesha’s response: Dr. Luke allegedly tried to blackmail his wife into getting an abortion, and talked about how he was cheating on her all the time. Kesha says he did so as a way to hit on her, as if she’d be more comfortable cheating with him because he casually talked about cheating all the time.

This guy sounds more and more like the worst.

TMZ obtained the new documents part of Kesha’s response to Dr. Luke’s lawsuit against her, and also noted that his attorneys say he denies everything she claims.

He reportedly threatened Kesha that if the dog came near him while they were in the recording studio, he would put it down. Additionally, he threatened to remove Kesha’s mom and songwriting partner, Pebe Sebert, off song and album credits.

When it comes to threatening dog killing, abortions, cheating on your wife…well, it doesn’t get any more harmful and gross than that.

This whole lawsuit started last year when Kesha sued him first, alleging he sexually assaulted her and was verbally and physically abusive. Kesha’s mom also sued him for PTSD. He then filed a suit against her for defamation, and claimed Kesha and Sebert were extorting him so they could get out of their contract. Last month, a judge ruled that Dr. Luke’s NY lawsuit would proceed first, and Kesha’s LA-based lawsuit would proceed after.

Free Kesha.