WATCH: Liam Hemsworth Thinks Reporter Calls Him Chris, Almost Has Meltdown

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Liam Hemsworth almost had a complete meltdown at Comic-Con 2015 when he thought a reporter called him by his brother’s name, Chris.

In the video below, you see Liam walking up to do an interview with HitFix. As Liam approaches, the reporter, Chris Eggertsen,¬†introduces himself as “Chris.”

But, Liam thought the reporter had mistaken him for his brother, Chris Hemsworth. So he replies, “You call me Chris? I’m Liam. You called me Chris, didn’t you?”

The reporter¬†then tells Liam, “No, I said I’m Chris.” Oops!

Watch the embarrassing moment:

So, the lesson is, don’t say “Chris” around Liam.

In the video below, Chris talks about his relationship with Liam: