Jesse Eisenberg on Comic-Con: It’s Like ‘Some Kind of Genocide’

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Jesse Eisenberg has a lot of (negative) feelings about Comic-Con, which was held last weekend in San Diego.

The entertainment and comic convention surely is quite a fan-filled affair that’s becoming more and more crowded (read: hectic and shit-showy) as more and more Hollywood A-listers from the biggest blockbuster hits and cult television shows come to represented their respective franchises.

Leave it to Eisenberg’s honest, albeit dramatic, own words:

“It is like being screamed at by thousands of people,” he said to the Associated Press while at the screening for his film The End of the Tour. “I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can’t think of anything that’s equivalent.”

So yeah, genocide is definitely not the right word, but that being said, Eisenberg himself is a perfect example of someone in high-demand at Comic-Con given the fact that he’s currently promoting Batman vs Superman, in which he’s playing the eponymous evil role of Lex Luthor.

He also went on to diss journalists a bit, ironic since he plays Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky in End of the Tour, opposite Jason Segel(who plays David Foster Wallace).

“I play a real person [in the movie], so I worked with him and interviewed him, and he taught me how to interview and what his process is like, and now I understand the pariahs that you guys are.”

Eisenberg stars in Batman v Superman (March 25, 2016) opposite Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, and more. Watch the newest trailer which premiered at Comic-Con here.