Diane Keaton Thought Lena Dunham Was a Lesbian When They First Met

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Diane Keaton, Lena Dunham
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That must have been one hell of an awkward encounter. 

Lena Dunham joked that Diane Keaton once mistook her for a lesbian at a Christmas party.

The Girls star shared the story on Monday night (July 13, 2015), in a conversation with Trainwreck director JuddApatow, at an event hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Centre. The pair were recalling earlier times in their friendship, one of which included meeting Keaton for the first time.

When Keaton saw Dunham at Jennifer Aniston‘s Christmas party, she asked Apatow, “Is this your wife?” He replied, “No, this is my friend Lena, and she’s significantly younger than me.” She then looked at Dunham and said, ”Do you even like men? Are you interested in men?”

Dunham, who is who’s dating Jack Antonoff, continued:

It was the best thing. Diane Keaton straight-up was just like, ‘Oh, there’s a lesbian, and I’m Diane Keaton, so I don’t even need to beat around the proverbial bush. I’ll just let her know.’

Meanwhile, the writer/actress/director announced that she is releasing a weekly newsletter called Lenny. According to Lenny’s site, the newsletter will tackle “feminism, style, health, politics, friendship and everything else from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner.”