Emmys 2015: Which TV Shows Should Win for Best Comedy and Drama

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2015 Emmy Awards Predictions Best Comedy and Drama
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With the 2015 Emmy nominations being tomorrow (Jul. 16, 2015), we may be jumping the gun a bit here, but our editors have chosen which shows they think should take home this year’s best show Emmy awards.

While the Grammys, Oscars or Tonys are presented with a new list of candidates every year, the Emmys feature contenders that are frequently nominated every year. Some shows also take home the award year after year — Modern Family has had a five-year stranglehold on the best comedy category.

Judging from what our editors have picked as their favorites to win the Emmys for Best Comedy Show and Best Drama Show, we are hoping some of those streaks will be broken.

Find out which shows our editors think should take home the Emmy.


Comedy: Broad City

Hands down, there is no funnier show on television than Broad City. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer make the perfect comedy duo and have created a (nearly) perfect comedy around their infectious chemistry. In its second season, the show really found its stride and became a can’t-miss spectacle that was as creative as it was funny, timely as it was timeless.

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Drama: Mad Men

Mad Men wrapped up its incredible seven-season run with a quiet, wholly-satisfying seven-episode stretch that provided near-perfect resolution for the characters and world we’d come to love. The finale should (and will hopefully) be remembered among the great series finales. It would only be fitting that the show, which won the Best Drama award for each of its first four seasons, would go out with the kudos it truly deserves. And if, for some reason, it doesn’t win…

Mad Men Don Draper Gif

The Americans should win. For three seasons now, The Americans has been quietly upping its game. The third season, which turned its focus to the strained relationship between young Paige and her Russian spy parents, is arguably the best of the series so far. Always subtle, reserved, and clever — and frequently disturbing and visually inventive — The Americans deserves to finally be shown proper love.

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Comedy: Jane the Virgin

I would love to see Jane the Virgin get nominated because I think Gina Rodriguez is such a talented actress and the cast is amazing.

Jane the Virgin Gif

Drama: House of Cards

House of Cards is such a good show with an incredible cast. The acting is on another level, I think they deserve a nomination.

House of Cards Gifs


Comedy: Veep

Finally, a female President. With this new territory comes an influx of ludicrous story lines and terrific one-liners. I adore Julia Louis Dreyfus and co., and how they roll with the punches that are unwittingly self-induced, and oh so painful(ly funny) to watch. It’s one of the few shows I’ll watch over and over again, and often I lough out loud with even more cheer the second or third time around.

Veep gif

Drama: Mad Men

What an end of an era with Mad Men‘s last season, and a satisfying finale episode. Because watching Mad Men was like stepping into a different world, I’ll miss living in this remarkable and rich fiction-land that was as aesthetically inspiring as it was appealing to my senses (cigarette smoke, clicking of the typewriter, bottles on bottles of liquor). It’s poised to be a classic, and is the benchmark for what is undoubtedly considered brilliant television.

Mad Men Gif


Drama: House of Cards

While I don’t think the third season was as interesting as the first two, House of Cards would get my vote simply because of how addicting the series as a whole is. The cinematography is excellent as is the acting – Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are the perfect pair together.

House of Cards Gif

Comedy: Silicon Valley

I think Silicon Valley does a hilarious job of accurately depicting the most entertaining aspects of the tech industry. Not to mention, each one of the character’s diverse yet awkwardly humorous personalities continue to develop and add storylines of everyday life that cater to the show’s success.

Silicon Valley


Comedy: Girls

It’ll be nice to see something that ISN’T Modern Family nab the award this year. The comedy has received top honors for the last five years and — much like Taylor Swift at any music awards ceremony — the cast and crew acts like it’s such a big surprise every single freakin’ time they go on stage. I find it hard to believe that this is the golden standard of comedy these days. There are other shows that deserve recognition. Girls? Veep? Silicon Valley? Anyone?!

Girls Gif

Drama: Game of Thrones

It’s a toss-up between Game of Thrones or House of Cards. With Breaking Bad, which dominated the category for the last two years, finally out of the picture, it’s high time the Emmys recognize the OTHER big show critics and fans have been geeking over. However, it really all boils down to if voters can see past all the controversial and taboo subjects Thrones has really dealt with this past season. If they can, it’s definitely the HBO titan’s year. If not, votes will probably go towards House of Cards despite having its weakest season thus far. (Yeah, I said it. COME AT ME.)

Game of Thrones


Comedy: Transparent

Amazon is definitely going to see its first nomination in the Best Show category for Transparent. The Golden Globe winner was a critical favorite ever since Amazon previewed the pilot, and the subject matter of a father of three who is coming out as a trans woman late in life tapped into the zeitgeist in a way few comedies ever accomplish. Jeffrey Tambor is brilliant in the show, and that performance alone give Transparent and advantage in the race.

Transparent Gif

Drama: Mad Men

AMC’s Mad Men will score its eighth nom for best drama series, and given the the final stretch of the series was pretty outstanding, the show could very well take home the Emmy for the fifth time The show won Best Drama Series four times in a row, but it also holds the record for the biggest Emmy shut-out ever, going 0 for 17 in 2012, and has not won one Emmy in three years. However, Emmy loves awarding goodbyes, and this was one hell of a goodbye.

Mad Men


Comedy: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This year will be a big year for Netflix on the awards circuit, with Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt leading the pack at the Emmys. From the writing to the outstanding, spot-on performances by Ellie Kemper and Jane Krakowski, expect the show to receive multiple Emmy noms, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Way to go, Ms. Fey. Way to go.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Drama: Mad Men

Though the Emmys have not been kind to Matt Weiner and company in recent years (the show last won in 2011 and for this category), the Academy will most likely nominate Mad Men for the Outstanding Drama Series prize. They have to. It was their last (half) season. There are no more new Mad Men episodes. Don Draper is gone for good. Does anyone have a tissue? Or an Old Fashioned?

Mad Men

Let us know which shows you think should win Emmys in the comments below.