10 Must Watch ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Videos

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Inside Amy Schumer- Football Town Nights
Amy Schumer Covers 'Glamour' Magazine: 'I Have a Belly And I Still Deserve Love'
Amy Schumer continues to empower women yet again by not apologizing for her body or sexuality

Amy Schumer is making the transition from fierce comedian to leading lady in the upcoming comedy Trainwreck, which she also wrote. In anticipation of its July 17 release, check out some of the funniest and boldest Inside Amy Schumer videos that prove Schumer doesn’t hold back.

1) Last F**kable Day– Schumer stumbles upon a group of her show-biz heroes, Tina Fey,Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette, celebrating a special occasion. And no, men don’t celebrate it too. These comedians hilariously call out Hollywood for aging women faster than men when it comes to casting.

2) Court of Public Opinion: The Trail of Bill Cosby– Schumer takes on the role as Bill Cosby‘s defense attorney, looking to convince the jury that they can still enjoy The Cosby Show despite Cosby’s sexual assault allegations. She even breaks out Dr. Huxtable approved sweaters.

3) Celebrity Interview- Schumer plays flirty actress Amy Lake Blively on a late-night show who goes out of her way to prove she’s also a guy’s gal who enjoys Star Wars and comics. She and her Trainwreck co-star Bill Hader are throwing not-so-subtle shade at Blake Lively and David Letterman, in addition to other late-night clichés.

4) Milk Milk Lemonade- The best way to describe this video is a hip-hop worthy big ass parody. Schumer calls on Amber Rose, who is known for her curves, to pay tribute to what a woman’s behind really is.

5) Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup: Schumer gets serenaded by a One Direction look-alike boy band, who encourage her to embrace her natural beauty. But do they really mean it?

6) Football Town Nights– In this Friday Night Lights parody, a small-town high school coach faces opposition from his players and the community when he implements a new policy: no raping. This sharp social commentary is coupled with Schumer’s spot-on Tami Taylor impression and an ever-growing glass of white wine.

7) Sex Stories– A group of guys start talking about recent hook-ups during poker night, but they get grossed out when one friend starts talking about sex with his wife Amy, who the guys view as a lovely hostess.

8) Horror Movie– A movie night at home takes a bad turn as Amy lets her nervous habit slip during a movie, which doesn’t help when the horror movie moves from the screen to her house.

9) A Couple Chooses a Movie– There’s nothing like the struggle of the overwhelming, varied options of the On Demand menu.

10) One Night Stand– Schumer pokes fun at the contrasting ways some women and men approach sex, specifically one night stands. Afterwards, the two go about their day very differently.