Does Kendall Jenner Have Her Nipples Pierced?

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Kendall Jenner may have gotten herself a nipple ring.

When photographers snapped photos of the 19-year-old walking the red carpet at the ESPY Awards earlier this week, their cameras captured something shiny near her left nipple that was peeking through under her semi-sheer gown. Is it a ring? Nipple pasties? Is Jenner really a vampire that sparkles in the sunlight?

While the young model has yet to confirm whether or not she’s actually pierced her nip, a source tells TMZ that Jenner is indeed sporting some body jewelry around her boobs (if you catch our drift).

Kendall Jenner at the ESPY Awards on July 15, 2015. [Getty Images]

In April, Jenner’s little sister, Kylie Jenner, sparked nipple piercing rumors of her own when she shared a Snapchat photo that suggests she may have gotten hers done. In a picture she took after visiting a body piercing salon, the 17-year-old circle her boobs and wrote, “New jewelry in the other secret areas.”

So are the Jenner girls all pierced under their shirt? We’ll just have to wait to verify the next time Kendall walks the runway in another see-through outfit.