Disney Doesn’t Approve of Amy Schumer’s Racy ‘Star Wars’ Shoot

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Amy Schumer Covers 'Glamour' Magazine
'I have a belly and I still deserve love'

Amy Schumer may have pissed off Disney

The comedian got tons of attention for dressing like Princess Leia from Star Wars in a sexy cover shoot for GQ magazine this week.

However, Disney wasn’t so thrilled at the idea of Schumer stripping, smoking, and getting under the covers with their characters.

After many Star Wars fans called the photoshoot “distasteful” and “lame”, the official Star Wars Twitter feed responded, but not in the way you would think.

Schumer doesn’t seem too upset about all this though. She’s too busy celebrating her eight Emmy nominations for her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer.

Her film Trainwreck was also released on Friday (July 17, 2015) and took in over $30.2 million in its opening weekend.