How to Dress Like a Celebrity: for Your First Day at Work

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Change is good! But there’s no doubt change comes with some major nerves, too – especially when you’re about to start the first day at a big, new job.

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Though we can’t get rid of those nerves (they’re inevitable), we can help ease them a bit by giving you some advice on how to look and feel your best when heading into your first day.

A good first impression is of utmost importance, so we want to make sure you not only dress to impress yourself, but those you’ll be spending every day with throughout the next chapter of your life.

Marshalls has enlisted celebrity stylist Estee Stanley — who’s worked with Jessica Biel and Lea Michele — to help women build confidence by looking their best. Estee stopped by the CELEBUZZ offices and gave us some tips on how to go into your first day on the job feeling like a boss.


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Here are a few of Estee’s tips she gives her celebrity clients when they’re going in for a big first day:

  • Wear something comfortable so you’re not fidgeting around all day with your outfit – this will add extra confidence. When you wear something you think reveals your imperfections (even though you’re not imperfect), it will distract you on the big day!
  • Make a good first impression without being over-the-top. Be fashionable and fun, but also appropriate for a first day on the job.
  • Be you! Don’t suffer for fashion. Jessica Biel never allows fashion to overtake who she is as a person, and that’s why she always looks vibrant on the red carpet.

We’ve given you the tips, now it’s time for YOU to make it happen – kick ass and take names! And if you need something special for your first day on the big job, head over to Marshalls for high-quality, designer wardrobes without the heavy price tag.