‘The Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe, Shawn Booth, and Her Neil Lane Sparkler Visit ‘Good Morning America’

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Kaitlyn Bristowe is bringing on the bling.

The Bachelorette and hubby-to-be Shawn Booth lit up New York this morning on Good Morning America with love drunk smiles and her enormous engagement rock.

Bristowe and GMA‘s Lara Spencer shared a laugh over her mom’s fiery interrogation tactics, with whom Booth now feels comfortable FaceTiming. The bride beamed, wearing all white, admitting that she knew it was Shawn from night one.

“Obviously you go through the show and, I think [the producers] try to confuse you, but the whole time I just kept being like, ‘Nope. Still thinking about Shawn!'”

This season’s Bachelorette reveals that she was barely fazed by her reunion with controversial runner-up Nick Viall. “I just sat there,” she said. “He did most of the talking and it went exactly like I thought it would, and it was done, like that.”

The newly-engaged couple looks forward to exercising the long-awaited freedom to relax in public and get coffee, like normal couples. When asked to predict the next Bachelor, Bristowe and Booth responded in unison with a resounding vote for contestant Ben Higgins. Booth affirms, “He’s the guy, for sure.”

But it was the handcrafted 3.5-carat Neil Lane engagement ring featured on last night’s finale that cut through their bubbly giggles.


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Bristowe’s Snapchat followers can attest that she is quite proud of the central brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by 160 smaller diamonds on an entwined band, all set in platinum.

See — she really likes showing it off.


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Like, a lot.


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No humblebrags here, folks!


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Not even on Instagram.

My girl. @kaitlynbristowe

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