Check Out Tom Cruise’s Impressive Penis on His Nude Scientology Shroud

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If Tom Cruise‘s naked Scientology shroud proves to be anything like his actual body, it’s no wonder he’s been with so many beautiful women throughout the years.

Not Dating
Laura Prepon isn't dating Tom Cruise.

Yes, a nude shroud of the Mission: Impossible star was recently unveiled to celebrate his 25th anniversary with the Church of Scientology at a pop-up church near the religion’s headquarters in Clearwater, Fla.

The Shroud of Scientology measures 14 feet by 3 feet with your focus of attention immediately being drawn to Cruise’s impressive penis and butt cheeks.


As you can see, the artists definitely wanted to paint a big picture of Cruise’s manhood, giving him an enormous set of testicles and even some intricate pubic hair designs. We’re guessing this isn’t exactly comparable to his body in real life, but that would answer a lot of questions.

Meanwhile, the church also released several coins featuring Cruise’s profile in order to honor his longtime commitment to them.


Such gifts!