52 Celebrities and the iPhones They Love

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Long live the iPhone.

Cara Delevingne has one. So does Mariah Carey. And despite her love for Blackberrys, even Kim Kardashian has one.

Of course, we’re talking about the glorious piece of hardware responsible for our unlimited Instagram stalking and late night messaging: the iPhone.

While there’s no mathematical equation to prove that the latest iPhone model has allowed celebrities to take even better selfies, ussies, and Dubsmash videos, one thing’s for sure: the famous can’t get enough of the 6. (Or previous models, if you’re name is Adrian Grenier, Louis Tomlinson, or James Franco).

It’s always fun to see the rich and famous do what we non-rich and famous folks do, like go grocery shopping, driving, or holding onto mobile devices with extra TLC. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered 52 photos of your favorite stars with their beloved iPhones, because why not?

Grab a cold beverage, turn on that AC, text a friend, and enjoy the gallery, above.