Instant Follow Friday: Amanda Seyfried and Her Best Friend Finn Win Instagram

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Amanda Seyfriend and her best friend Finn are the epitome of friendship and love.

For Instant Follow Friday, this week we’re all about Seyfried’s adorable, lovable, and huggable Australian Shepherd, Finn. Not only is he one of the most famous celebrity pets on social media, the beautiful pooch is also a paparazzi fan favorite who’s photographed almost on the daily in NYC while on strolls with his mom.

Anyone who’s ever had a furry friend knows how special that human-canine relationship is. They’re happy any moment you walk into a door, they seem to speak volumes with just a stare, and they’re constantly by your side saying “hey I love you no matter what!”

Finn, 5, and Seyfried’s bond is simply heartwarming.


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We love that she loves her dog. She recently spoke of her devotion to Finn in Vogue, explaining: “I just don’t want to leave him anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m subconsciously aware of his mortality. I try not to think about it, but somewhere inside of me, I’m like, ‘He’s going to die way sooner than all the rest of the people I know!’ ”

Their twin moments are also uncanny. *obsessed*

Finn is imitating me. I was like this first. #australiansheposer

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And who knows you better than your dog?

I thank Finn for giving me some heavy life lessons. You don’t need words! #Finnsight A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on

He’s also amazing(ly cute) at balancing things (anything!) on his head:

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Traditional upstate head wrap #autumn

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The Ted 2 star and Finn do just about everything together in true “woman’s best friend” fashion, and for all of their sweet twin moments and selfies, follow Amanda on Instagram @mingey and Twitter @AmandaSeyfried.

Check out the gallery above to see Amanda and Finn’s best photos on Instagram (plus one or two of Seyfried and boyfriend Justin Long).

Finn doesn’t have his own Instagram, but he is on Twitter @finn_seyfried. See some of his best tweets below:

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Watch a video created by Vogue in honor of their friendship: