Coco and Ice-T Reveal Sex and Name of New Baby

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Just a week after announcing that they are expecting their first baby together, Coco and Ice-T have revealed the name and gender of their unborn child.

On Monday (August 3, 2015), the couple of 14 years revealed a picture from their ultrasound on their FOX morning talk show, Ice & Coco, and excitedly told the audience that they are having a baby girl.

“Already got a name … The girl’s name is Chanel,” Ice-T told the crowd. (Get it — Coco Chanel?!)

“Yes. Little Chanel,” Coco added.

While the baby news may seem fresh to fans, the mom-to-be admitted that she’s actually further along than you’d think.

“And another thing is people are like, ‘Well how many, how far along are you?'” Coco said. “I’m 21 weeks. I’m over 5 months!”

As for missing her nightcaps? Coco confessed she doesn’t even care for alcohol anymore.

“The thing is I totally switched off,” she said. “Like the vodka, everything. You don’t even want to taste it. You don’t even care.”