Amy Schumer Continues to Make Us Jealous of Her Friendship with Jennifer Lawrence

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JLaw + ASchu are having the best summer.

Let’s obsess over Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence’s new friendship some more, shall we?

Monday kicked off The Daily Show’s final four episodes with host Jon Stewart. As previously announced, one of his final guests is Schumer (along with Denis Leary and Louis C.K.). Like always, Stewart did his homework and the conversation quickly turned to the comedienne’s new BFF and their recent Hamptons vacation.

As predicted, JLaw is “the best hang.”

“She was like one of the gang. She was immediately my friend. She was just trashing [the others],” according to the Trainwreck star.

As for those vacation photos that have since gone viral — what, you didn’t print one of the Instagrams and write #squadgoals to stick on your cubicle? — Schumer has a much different way of looking at them.

“I look like her coach in all the pictures,” Schumer said on the show. “I look like I’m telling her to take a knee.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Schumer briefly played a somber note and commented on the Louisiana shooting that happened during a showing of Trainwreck.

“What a bummer. I was legit heartbroken… to get that news. I got a call. I got a lot of missed calls so I assumed there was a sex tape of me out or something. And then to hear that news, it broke my heart.”

Watch the delightful full interview, below.

Stewart’s last Daily Show airs Thursday.