Regular Guy Justin Bieber Watches ‘Scandal’ and Loves Booty Shorts

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Justin's New Single
This is not a drill.

Gladiators: the next time you hold a Scandal viewing party, send an invitation to that guy who sings “Baby,” K?

In a new rapid-fire chat with Cosmopolitan, Justin Bieber reveals his “I’m embarrassed to admit it but I watch” love for the ABC drama. Wonder what the Biebs’ thoughts are on Olivia and Fitz’s balcony reunion from last season’s amazing finale…

Elsewhere in Cosmo’s 21 questions with the Canadian superstar, Bieber talks about his favourite Canadian foods (ketchup chips FTW), his fear of spiders, and the style he loves on girls (booty shorts). At the other end of the style spectrum, the 21-year-old says he hates gladiator sandals, so it’s time to get rid of your four pairs, alright Beliebers?

On the music front, Bieber manages to throw our favorite on-again-off-again couple into the mix, saying that his favorite summer song is Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and that he really wants to work with John Mayer.

For more Bieber truth bombs, head over to Cosmopolitan. And watch him flaunt his biceps in the behind-the-scenes video, above.