Friday Fashion Flashback: Kate Mara’s Style Evolution

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Kate Mara might be playing an invisible woman in the new Fantastic Four film hitting theaters tomorrow, but the gorgeous actress has been far from unseen throughout her years in the industry!

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Mara made her on-screen debut in 1999’s Random Hearts and has not only been dominating the acting world ever since, but also the fashion world.

While the 32-year-old has certainly seen her fair share of style mishaps, she’s become one of the more fashionably daring celebrities in Hollywood, constantly changing her hair, rocking crazy patterns and standing out amongst those who stick to the norm.

Most recently, Mara chopped her normally long locks into a short, little pixie that even her own father admitted frightened him a bit. But who cares what anyone else thinks? She dares to be different, and she looks hot doing it!

So in honor of Fantastic Four coming theaters tomorrow, we’re celebrating by taking a walk down memory lane and looking at the Invisible Woman’s style evolution through the years.

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