A Pest Nearly Sabotaged Little Mix, But Zayn Malik Remains ‘Irrelevant’

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The 'Today Show' welcomes UK Sensation 'Little Mix'

Something’s bugging Little Mix.

The pop group Little Mix was performing a show in Phoenix when suddenly, a mutant bug swept overhead and plunged directly into the depths of Jade Thirwall‘s hair. It stayed there for a while, conceptualizing a floor plan for the IKEA furniture on its Pinterest board.

Not even a hair flip could persuade the bugger to find shelter elsewhere, so he was finally evicted by a stagehand who is now being regarded as a hashtag hero.



However, a larger pest buzzing around the girl band might have been swatted away once and for all by a large sign created by a fan.

Thirwall was spotted after a meet and greet on August 10 carrying a sign that read “Zayn is IRRELEVANT anyway!” This is of course in reference to former One Directioner Zayn Malik who recently broke off his engagement with Perrie Edwards like a gentleman, via text message.

According to BuzzFeed, onlookers reported that Thirwall was asserting to fans that the sign was “true” and that its reverse side read “Stay strong Perrie”.

Edwards has been rolling through the stages of break-up grief, receiving support from her bandmates and deleting photo evidence of her relationship with the “real” musician from her Instagram account. Meanwhile, Malik has been coping by taking selfies, enjoying the LA weather, and posting artful photos of his ~creative process~ as he embarks on a solo career.