FKA Twigs Just Surprise-Released Her New EP Along With a Bonkers 16-Minute Video

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The actor talks about their engagement and plans to have kids.

A creepy old woman with an angler fish headpiece grins into the camera. A man impregnates a blowup sex doll. When that pregnant doll’s water breaks, multicolored paint spills out onto the floor. Strobe lights, a van. Voguing dancers tear up a catwalk in a dark forest that recalls the mysterious setting of Twin Peaks. Welcome to FKA twigs‘ new EP and short film, M3LL155X.

Earlier this afternoon, twigs “pulled a Beyoncé” and dropped an entire new body of work — video component included — without much forewarning. The project is an EP titled M3LL155X (“Melissa”), and it is comprised of five tracks:

  1. figure 8
  2. i’m your doll
  3. in time
  4. glass & patron
  5. mothercreep

A 16-minute video accompanies the release, and it features clips for four of the EP’s five tracks (every track except for “mothercreep”). It is embedded above for your viewing pleasure-slash-horror. (It would not be worth my time to attempt to describe to you everything that happens in the video — just take my word for it when I say it is absolutely worth your time.)

In a press release, twigs describes the video as “an aggressive statement conceptualising the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation.” That is certainly reflected in the video’s haunting narrative.

And the surprise release isn’t the only thing M3L155X has in common with Beyoncé’s infamous self-titled album: BOOTS, who produced many of Beyoncé‘s songs, co-produced twigs’ ep alongside tic and Cy An. Here is M3L155X‘s cover:


Oh holy, holy day.

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