Lady Gaga Takes a Spill Outside Lisa Vanderpump’s Pump

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There she goes! Lady Gagaenjoyed a night out at Lisa Vanderpump‘s West Hollywood restaurant Pump, but had some troubles as she left the gay friendly establishment.

The singer took a major tumble as she attempted to get into her car (watch video below). She was slighlty left red-faced as she clutched to the side of her waiting car before someone kindly jumped in to help her the diva back onto her feet.

Smiling happily to her fans after her fall, she appeared to have avoided injury and continued as if nothing had happened. Like a true diva.

Judging from the Instagram photo that she posted, it does look like she had a fun time at Pump.

Smack that bitch up.

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The fashionably dressed singer was probably out celebrating her first week at work on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, admitted that creating Gaga’s character was “one of the weirdest things in my career, ever.”

He added: “Part of her role involves fashion. You want Lady Gaga to look a certain way. The designers have been coming out of the woodwork with looks for her.”

Launch the gallery above to see more pics of Lady Gaga leaving Pump restaurant.