WATCH: Lamar Odom Denies Stalking Khloé Kardashian to SoulCycle, Kardashian Carries On

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Lamar Odom claims that he did not stalk Khloé Kardashian to SoulCycle despite tabloid reports on August 12.

Odom aired his grievances to TMZ after they had published a story alleging that he assaulted his soon-to-be ex-wife outside of the exercise mecca. He triple-emphasizes that he is “not, not, NOT, the person that [the paparazzi] made him out to be” in the reports that circulated, attesting that Kardashian shared her whereabouts with the basketball star prior to their heated encounter.

“I live in Las Vegas … So was there an address and place given, or did I just guess right … where this girl may be, that I know?”

Odom goes on to threaten the tabloid for defaming him as a “womanizer” and a “drug addict”, claiming that he will “air everything out”, though it remains unclear as to whose dirty laundry he has at the ready.

“I probably couldn’t even get f-cking hired by Home Depot right now because of how people look at me.”

From his point of view, nobody was followed, hassled, harassed, or “grabbed on”. He feels disappointed that a certain someone, assumed to be Kardashian, has not stepped forward to dissuade the incident from being labeled as an “attack”.

Kardashian broke her social media silence since yesterday’s encounter with a screenshot of a conversation with her sisters, maintaining neutrality from the story.


In a second video featured below, Odom reams out TMZ for stripping his confidence and pitting rappers against each other to marinate their beef.

“Y’all don’t do Leo [DiCaprio] like that. Y’all don’t do Brad [Pitt] like that.”

Perhaps this is because DiCaprio keeps a low profile, eternally chilling out on yachts.