WATCH: Ruby Rose Responds Flawlessly to Those Justin Bieber Comparisons

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Thanks to Orange Is the New Black, Ruby Rose will probably always be compared to Justin Bieber. Luckily, it doesn’t really affect her.

New Swift BFF?
Ruby Rose wants to be BFFs with Taylor Swift.

In a new, hilarious interview with Conan O’Brien, the 29-year-old actress and DJ fielded questions about Bieber comparisons like a pro, successfully getting all of us to laugh our asses off.

Of course, Rose doesn’t really take the jokes to heart, considering she’s actually pretty good pals with the Biebs. Not to mention, she’s basically the hottest Hollywood gal at the moment, so none of it is super serious.

But the most hilarious moment about her response was how she flipped it and provided her opinion on those she’d compare to O’Brien… Let’s just say she’s pretty spot on.

Check it out in the video above!