Kim Kardashian Uses Over $1,200 Worth of Beauty Products: See the Complete List of Makeup

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To no one’s surprise,Kim Kardashian‘s daytime makeup routine costs more than a normal person’s rent.

After the reality star’s longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic hosted a step-by-step master class on how to achieve Kardashian’s signature look, Racked has compiled a detailed list of products and tools used on the 34-year-old during the four-hour tutorial.

The cost of what’s inside Kardashian’s makeup bag? A whopping $1,200 in products (and nearly $1,700 if we’re including the price of brushes and tools).

The costly beauty regimen features not one, but two eyelash curlers, and includes 40 separate creams, powders, eyeshadows and lipsticks applied in over 50 steps. The writer also notes that much of the tutorial consists of Dedivanovic painstakingly blending multiple products on Kardashian’s face. Shockingly, the Ben Nye Luxury Face Powder in Banana famously associated with Kardashian is not a part of the routine.

Here’s the complete breakdown of what is used on Kardashian every time she needs to get ready.


Whew! After going through all of that, it’s no wonder Kardashian likes to commemorate the look with a selfie.