‘About Ray’ Director Talks Casting Elle Fanning as Trans Teen

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Elle Fanning in 'About Ray' Trailer
The young actress takes on a challenging new role.

Earlier this month, the first trailer for Elle Fanning’s latest movie About Ray, hit the Internet. Now, the film’s director, Gaby Dellal, reveals the reason for casting the Malificent actress.

Dellal spoke with Refinery29 to explain why she chose the 17-year-old actress to play the role of a teenage girl transitioning into a boy. According to Dellal, it was actually Fanning’s femininity that first piqued her interest.

The director tells the website, “I could not have chosen a more blonde, more feminine actress who had a big a mountain to climb.” Gaby adds, “She’s just a girl who is being herself and is chasing the opportunity to start hormone treatment. So to actually use a trans boy was not an option because this isn’t what my story is about.”

As for Fanning, the tween starlet was spotted out and about in a decidedly girly summer outfit while book shopping out in Studio City, California on Monday.

About Ray is scheduled to premiere September 18, 2015.