Breaking Hair News: Miranda Lambert Goes ‘Platinum’, Divorces from Dead Ends

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CREDIT: Instagram

How can the heart forget when the hair is stuck ruminating in the woes of the past?

Let it be known that Miranda Lambert is a confident, newly-single woman as her exterior image now reflects the interior of her soul — trimmed and lustrous without the dead ends of her soon-to-be ex-husband, country singer Blake Shelton.

Lambert shared a photo of her platinum locks on Instagram on Thursday, Aug. 20. The caption, “What doesn’t kill you makes you blonder” is a direct quote from her song “Platinum“.

Shelton and Lambert announced their speedy divorce a month ago, expedited by a prenuptial agreement that settled their financial arrangements. Since the split, Lambert’s coping process has followed the sorority girl guidelines in transitioning back into single-dom. First, the couple deleted photos of each other from their social media accounts as “Someone Like You” played on repeat (probably). Second, they rehearsed platonic conversation on Twitter, followed by Lambert’s on-stage epiphany that a martini might make things a bit easier.

A haircut selfie coupled with self-affirming quotes is Step 4 in the grieving process, soon to be chased with a spiritual awakening at the Church of SoulCycle.