Kim Kardashian Is Bored in St. Barts Plus 21 Celebrity Tweets from This Week

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"Lunch for 3"
In which Kim Kardashian makes a silly joke about who she's eating for...

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to take the best “bored selfie” known to man.

Earlier this week, the pregnant reality star took to Twitter to express frustration over missing out on some fun water activities while vacationing with her family in St. Barts.

While sister Kylie Jenner enjoyed some flyboarding action with Tyga, Kim K. took a selfie, naturally. (We’d like to think she took multiple selfies and then carefully selected the best one because have you learned nothing from Selfish?)

We hope Kim enjoyed the rest of her vacation, because it’s already over. On Friday (Aug. 21), Mrs. Kanye West and her clan were spotted leaving the celebrity friendly destination.

Here’s what else happened on Twitter this week: