Stephen Amell and Jon Stewart Rule the Ring at WWE’s SummerSlam

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Arrow star Stephen Amell took to the ring during last night’s (Aug. 23, 2015) WWE SummerSlam.

Amell and his partner Neville overtook Stardust and King Barrett in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the endless barrage of taunts and smack talk between the two stars reached their natural conclusion.

It seems that the door for future matches will remain open. During a post-match interview with WWE, Amell hinted that there may be more to come between him and the face-painted wrestler.

“This went on for a while, with me and Stardust. And I don’t know if it’s over, yet, Amell said. “I can’t tell.”

While the WWE has seen their fair share of celebrity guests hosting shows. The former Daily Show host Jon Stewart was completely in his element at SummerSlam.

He’s a wrestling fan who played well with the crowd, involved WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and didn’t distract from the show.

Watch Amell in action below. Launch the gallery above to see more pics of Stephen Amell and Jon Stewart during last night’s WWE SummerSlam.