JoJo is Back with New Music and Talking About Her Comeback, Artist Rights and Taylor Swift

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JoJo tringle

Oh how we have missed you JoJo!

JoJo has released a “tringle” of new tracks now that she is free from her terrible record label and has put out her first new music under Atlantic Records.

She recently spoke with Yahoo! Beauty about her comeback, her new music and how her girl squad compares to Taylor Swift.

On her comeback – “It’s pretty wild to be ‘coming back’ at 24! There’s a whole group of young kids who grew up listening to pop music and they don’t know who I am. I think it’s wonderful because they’re so in tune with social media.”

On the release of her “tringle” – “I smiled all day when I announced my ‘tringle.’ It was really exhilarating. I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one day and did a performance. It was very surreal to see what I’ve been fighting for come to fruition. I know it’s the beginning of the next chapter. I also may have shed a tear or two — so many emotions!”

Why she is advocating for legal protection for young artists – “I’m an outspoken person in general. I’m particularly passionate about protecting minors, and I don’t think anyone should be held to contract that they signed when they were 12. I felt trapped. We need better protection for children who are working in the [music] industry. I feel like [we] as artists need to come out and encourage aspiring artists starting in the industry.”

On her girl squad – “I know that Taylor Swift has the most beautiful squad of friends, but I have friends I grew up with.”

Her go-to tattoo shop is Prix Adornment in SoCal – “I like being in tattoo shops. I like being with artists, including tattoo artists.”

While she’s move on from her past, we can’t help ourselves but to enjoy her past…

And my personal favorite “Leave (Get Out)”…

Welcome back JoJo!