Starbucks Introduces Two New Frappuccino Flavors That Aren’t Pumpkin Spice

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CREDIT: Starbucks
Gotta Love Those "Starbucks Lovers"
Don't feel bad if you thought you misheard the lyrics, too.

Call it summer’s swan song before Pumpkin Spice Latte season.

Starbucks has unveiled two new limited-time-only Frappuccino flavors as a send-off before the basics in your life start to clog up your Instagram feed with photos of their PSL. The new sugary concoctions — Strawberry Shortcake and Blackberries & Crème — will be served at participating Starbucks in U.S. and Canada until Labor Day on Sept. 7.

According to the coffee house titan, Strawberry Shortcake features a blend of strawberries with strawberry juice, vanilla bean, hazelnut syrup, milk, and ice and is topped with whipped cream.

Meanwhile, Blackberries & Crème will be a sweet treat comprising of blackberries, vanilla bean, milk, and ice garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon dolce.

Earlier this year, Starbucks celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Frappuccino by unveiling six new flavors. Sadly, none of them were Orange Mocha Frappuccino.