Welcome to the Celebuzz! 2015 MTV VMAs Drinking Game

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Welcome to the Celebuzz! 2015 MTV VMAs Drinking Game where everything’s made up because you’re too drunk to notice.

Let’s be honest. The three reasons to watch awards shows are 1.) For the fashion, 2.) For Kanye West, and 3.) As an excuse to play fun drinking games such as this to compensate for the time that is lost in repeated commercials and eternal speeches given by Jacqueline Bisset.

We feel your pain and would hate to see you suffer past the red carpet arrivals, which is why we expertly designed this drinking game that is guaranteed to numb the residual pain of One Direction‘s conscious ungrouping. (Sorry, too soon?)

So dust off your finest chalice, pour your cocktail of choice, and follow along in the debauchery that is the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

(Please drink responsibly. Miley Cyrus should be the only trainwreck of the night.)

MTV VMA 2015 Drinking Game