Katy Perry Did Not Call Her Fan’s Boyfriend a ‘D-ckless Monkey’ Via Text Message

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Kat got your tongue?

Katy Perry was tasked with cleaning up after one Twitter troll’s mess when she was wrongfully accused of sending a profanity-ridden message to a fan’s boyfriend at a concert.

During a Prismatic Tour concert in Australia back in December 2014, a Katy Kat threw her phone on stage in hopes that the singer would take a selfie with her phone. Instead, Perry went through the young woman’s messages, finding a text from her boyfriend in reference to her talent that read, “LOL I heard she can’t sing live at all”. The “California Gurl” got feisty by responding to the text after taking the sought-after selfie, as witnessed in this concert video:


Twitter user @iwasdivine created this false screenshot of the alleged text message as “a joke” and shared it online:

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Instead, this was the actual text.



Perry took to Twitter to defend herself on Tuesday, Sept. 1.


The DaVinci behind the masterpiece emerged to spew his apologies upon her.  


And all was forgiven.


The balance in Twitterverse has been restored.