Hugh Jackman Would ‘Seriously Consider’ James Bond Role

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Hugh Can't Work With Angelina Jolie
Hugh Jackman’s wife jokingly only has one rule: no Angelina Jolie.

In a recent interview, Hugh Jackman admitted that he would be open to taking on the iconic role of James Bond, if it were offered to him again.

When Hugh talked to the Australian TV how, The Project, he confessed that about ten years ago, he was informally being considered to be James Bond.

However, it was right when he was preparing to do X-Men 2, so he couldn’t accept. This time around, Jackman said that if the offer were presented to him again, he would “seriously consider it.”

These photos of Jackman splashing around in the waves of Bondi Beach in his native Australia show that he definitely has the chops to fill the shoes of his buddy, Daniel Craig, should he be chosen as his successor.

Meanwhile, we haven’t given up hope that Idris Elba could still be in the running, despite any silly talk about whether or not he’d be a good fit.